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for those who feel disempowered or unfulfilled in romantic relationships

Are you a woman who feels that no matter what, your romantic relationships never seem to work out?  Do you feel you attract the wrong partners?  Or do you lose interest in your romantic relationships once they get past the "honeymoon phase?"  Are you chronically attracted to the certain types of people who are exciting but who ultimately will not support you in shaping the type of life you desire for yourself?  Perhaps you're beginning to doubt whether or not a traditional coupling is right for you, considering the possibility of exploring other relational configurations, such as polyamory or an open relationship.  Regardless of the type of challenges you face in finding the romantic fulfillment you desire, you don't need to figure it out on your own.  In fact, sometimes such relational issues are nearly impossible to "figure out" on your own, as they are only able to be explored as they arise in the "here-and-now" of a living relationship.  

If you are seeking to explore your patterns, how they may contribute to your feelings of stuckness, and how they contain seeds of wisdom as to what you want in your relationships, then having a caring and knowledgable therapist can be of benefit.  A caring and safe relationship with a psychotherapist can provide the foundation for examining how you relate to others and what feelings may habitually arise for you as you relate to others.  And, with the support of a good therapist, such an exploration can lead you to a "corrective emotional experience" with another person, your therapist.  A "corrective emotional experience" is an expeirence of feeling safe, secure, and valued with others.  Such an experience can be vital in your steps toward clarifying, exploring, and seeking the types of people you are attracted to.

Some women find that their families may not be accepting of the partners who they are romantically attracted to.  Such family tensions can place considerable stress on women, and working through how to cope with and even thrive in the face of such tensions is an excellent topic to explore in psychotherapy.  Other women may be questioning their sexuality or trying to cope with and understand a lack of sexual fulfillment in their lives despite having romantic relationships that are otherwise fulfilling.

Whatever type of difficulties you may be facing regarding discovering who you are and who you want to be, including who you are as a romantic being, psychotherapy offers a foundation of support for your growth.  Please contact me today for a consultation to discuss your concerns and to begin crafting a way forward with the help of a supportive, safe, and caring psychotherapist.

Many straight or bisexual women who find it difficult to connect with men in a fulfilling and empowered way can benefit from exploring their relationship with men.  An ideal setting for such an exploration is in the context of psychotherapy with a safe and supportive male psychotherapist.

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Todd Anderson, PhD, LP maintains a private psychotherapy practice.  He provides individual and couples therapy to a diverse community including gay men, those struggling with sexual behaviors, BDSM/Kink practitioners, those with religious confusion or trauma, those coping with chronic physical illness, and those with previously unsuccessful or incomplete courses of psychotherapy.


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